Use all your email accounts regularly or risk getting shut off

Multiple email addresses are hardly uncommon. Some use the one for private correspondence, the other for bills and the other for social networks.

But having a bunch of accounts makes it that much easier to lose oversight of them all. And that’s where people might run into trouble.

Because, if an email account is allowed to lie idle for too long, it might be shut off and inaccessible the next time a person seeks access, warns Kathrin Koerber of the Consumer Centre in the German state of Lower Saxony.

Once an account is blocked, automatic forwarding will likely shut down. The good news is that a blockage can usually be lifted by simply logging back in and confirming security data.

But a longer spell of inactivity might mean that the account is completely deleted.

Yahoo last summer deleted the accounts of those who hadn’t used them for a year or more. Worse, if those who lost accounts didn’t react soon enough, their account names were then available for new customers.

The company said it took its action because of shortages of short, simple and easy-to-remember addresses. (dpa)