Sony finishing details on Playstation 4

Berlin (dpa) – Sony has already told the world what’s going to be inside its new Playstation 4. Now the question arises: what is it going to look like?

What’s clear, say industry observers, is that it’s unlikely a revolution is coming.

One of the key additions is the ability to connect to social networks and mobile devices. Players can start a game on the console and finish it on the Vita handheld. Apps are also available so players can face off with smartphones and tablets.

For the first time, the Playstation will also be able to play films as they are downloaded, which will cut down on waiting times.

It comes with a powerful eight-core-plus Jaguar processor from AMD, allowing it to support the X86 architecture of modern PCs, meaning it should be easier for programmers to create new games.

However, the upgrades mean players will not be able to play games from older consoles.

The AMD Radeon graphics chip will provide 1.84 teraflops a second.

The console will also come with 8 gigabytes of working memory, a Blu-ray drive and a controller now outfitted with a touchpad.