3D motion controller set to hit stores in May

San Francisco (dpa) – If you’ve ever dreamed of controlling your computer by waving your hands in the air like Tom Cruise did in the film Minority Report your dreams are about to come true.

Such a 3D motion controller has long been hinted at by devices such as Microsoft’s Kinect interface for the Xbox. But the new Leap Motion Controller for Windows or Mac computers claims to be 200 times more sensitive, and says it can track the movements of both hands and all ten fingers at 290 frames per second – allowing the kind of precision needed to control the tiniest movements on your screen.

The device will go on sale for 79 dollars in the US in mid-May and is already available for pre-order, Leap Motion has announced.

Leap Motion says the device has obvious uses for artists, designers and engineers, as well as for ordinary home computers users and gamers, and expects developers to come up with novel ideas for the device.

Leap also announced that it has partnered with Asus, which will bundle the Leap Motion controller with select new computers later this year.

Users connect the 5-centimetre gadget to their computers through a USB port and will be able to find compatible programs at an app store that Leap Motion will operate called Airspace.

Early reviews in the tech press have been outstanding. Wired called it ”the best gesture-control system we’ve ever tested” while The Verge called it ”the next big thing in computing.”