Laptop problems don’t have to mean trip to repair shop

Munich (dpa) – Don’t think you have to rush to the repair shop every time your laptop has a problem. A lot of repairs can be effected right at home, according to German computer magazine PC Welt.

A blank or flickering display might be rectified with an external monitor, assuming you have one. If the problem persists, it’s probably an issue with the graphics card, which means there’s no avoiding the repair shop.

But if the external monitor works fine, that means the settings for the laptop display might only be deactivated in the system controls. There could also be a loose connection, a problem that can sometimes be fixed by changing the display position or employing careful pushing and pressure.

If the laptop shuts down unexpectedly, it likely means the processor is too hot. First let it cool off and make sure the ventilation slits aren’t blocked or filled with dust, trapping the hot air inside.

Problems with the battery are also often linked to dust and dirt.

In those cases, it can help to remove the battery from the laptop and clean the contacts for the battery and the notebook casing.